How “Lyrical Reads” Came to Be

It only occurred to me a few months ago that it would be cool to start a blog. I had all the reasons to: I had created a bookstagram (@lyrical.reads) in January, so I had my topic. I was suddenly coming up with blog post/section ideas left and right (I had to begin to write them down so I wouldn’t forget). And then I was also *slightly* obsessed with looking at other blogs, my favorites being, (a fashion blog), and because Alex is an amazing blogger and person.

To be honest, I sometimes can be that person that just jumps right into something without doing extensive research first, particularly when I’m excited. For this new adventure, however, I forced myself to slow down and see what I would be getting myself into. The one thing (well, two things) that I was absolutely sure about was that I definitely did NOT want to have a “” at the end of my blog’s name and that the topic of my blog would be generally related to all things bookish.

Ultimately, I discovered that I truly wanted to blog: regardless of all of the many hours of tedious research and planning, I was following through with this project. It took me a while to hammer down the categories in the main menu (actually, I’m still figuring out how to organize my reviews), but I eventually settled for Books, Writing, and Photography, as well as the basic About and Contact (with the review policy under that category). Under Books will go My Bookshelf–basically anything bookish, except for reviews. Meet Me at the Bookstore is a fun section for me to highlight some of the bookstores I go to! Lastly–and my favorite section of this whole blog–is Around the World, inspired by Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne, in which I will interview a bookstagrammer from a different country each month. These interviews will be posted on the 15th of each month because it was a perfect compromise day between the publication date of this novel, January 30!

In the Writing section, I’ll post some of my book playlists and my writing playlists and occasional posts on my writing inspiration. Photography is pretty self-explanatory, but working on this section is really fun! It will be full of my different projects and portfolios when I travel and have tons of photos that I want to share!

I’m still figuring things out as I go, but my blog seems so real now (as proof with this post). I’m having so much fun with coming up with new post ideas, potential collaborations, and sections that would be unique to Lyrical Reads.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and joining me on this journey!


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