Review: The Tower by Nicole Campbell

[ 4.75🌟 ]

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*I received a free digital copy from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect going in to read The Tower by Nicole Campbell. The blurb provided on Goodreads and Amazon only gave a little bit of information concerning some of the characters’ personalities. A brief synopsis that could give insight to readers would probably be something along the lines of:

Besides the fact that they’re witches and possess different powers, Rowyn, Reed, and Rose are like your average teenager. They fall in and out of love; they create an illusion of a tough exterior to hide a sensitive interior; they grow and learn as any other would. Then tragedy strikes and growing up doesn’t seem as easy as before.

I thought that the “witchy” part of this novel would be more prominent, but as I read (it’s pretty clear from the beginning), I realized that the characters were not defined by being “witches;” instead, their distinct personalities took the spotlight, as a reader always hopes for. Since The Tower is a character-driven story, there wasn’t much of a plot up until about a quarter of the way through. While this may feel slow to some, the big turn-around is worth waiting for. I think I almost teared up while reading some parts. I felt for the characters, especially since a similar situation had occurred in my life about a year ago.

My main issue (while minor) was the age of the characters. It is noted that they are incoming juniors in high school, but with the amount of under-aged drinking that goes down, I personally felt like it would be more appropriate if they were younger college students. But it wasn’t difficult to move on from this issue. Also, sometimes the dialogue felt unnatural, but nothing stood out too much. Besides, there were some conversations that were spot on.

What I enjoyed most about this novel (and surprised me the most) was the author’s take on tragedy and dealing with grief. It was refreshing–in a way–to read a contemporary that wasn’t light and fluffy. So if you’re looking for a read that rings true and pulls on your heart strings, whether it’s from watching two people fall in love or seeing how one life ended can impact so many, I’d definitely recommend The Tower to anyone who’s looking for a more serious kind of YA contemporary!

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