the best summer reads

summer is basically the best time to catch up on reading (that is…if you’re not trying to catch up on adulting, amirite)! so i’ve made yet another list to share some books that i believe would be perfect to read during the summertime! also, welcome to “sara feels like typing in all lower case today, screw correct grammar”.

i. the upside of the unrequited – becky albertalli

this!! book!! is!! so!! cute!!

ii. percy jackson & the olympians – rick riordan

let’s play a game and count how many times Sara manages to put Percy Jackson in her blog posts🙃

iii. harry potter – j.k. rowling

you know that feeling where you’re like “i really want to read HP (because it’s HP), but I have no time,” well I figured out (two years ago) that summer is a great time to catch up on your HP reading😉

iv. to all the boys i’ve loved before – jenny han

not that i’ve actually read this, but i always feel like contemporaries are meant to be read during the summer.

v. a gentleman’s guide to vice & virtue – mackenzi lee

this book has been sitting on my bedside table (which is actually a stack of my old owlcrate boxes) ever since i bought it at barnes & noble! since i’m a mood reader, i haven’t ~quite~ gotten to it, but i hope i really enjoy the historical fiction and humor mixture!

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