A Writer’s Q+A

Hi readers! One thing that I’m most proud of is being a writer. I’m not much of a “novel writer,” but I have been working to expand some smaller ideas of mine that I can see becoming novel length. So, I thought it would be fun to write up (and read) a little writer’s Q+A! The first few questions I got from Instagram stories because I saw these questions going around.

[ What genre do you write? ]

I don’t really have a set “genre” that I write. I have written some dark contemporary flash fiction pieces (two deal with depression and schizophrenia..but it’s not based on personal experiences). But the novel ideas I’m currently working on are high fantasy and dystopian! I haven’t developed much on the dystopian one (working title is Charcoal Crows 😉, which I have absolutely no idea where that came from). But I DID work on the high fantasy novel during Campnanowrimo!

[ When do you write? ]

I usually write when I’m in the mood to write, or I have a story idea pestering me! Times during the day (or night) don’t really mean much to me.

[ How do you write? ]

I consider myself to be a flash fiction/short story writer, but as you can see, I’m pushing myself to write more in terms of length and quantity (hopefully keeping the quality, though).

[ Where do you write? ]

I always loved exploring ideas in my writing class, but as I’m now in college, I no longer have those classes (I’ll have to find a new place!). I’ve discovered that I like to write in my library, and I prefer to write with pen and paper rather than typing on a computer🤗.

[ Has anyone read your writing? ]

Only the people in my writing group and, occasionally, my mother, who has always supported my writing!

But, surprise, surprise! I’m actually self-publishing an anthology this month with all of my favorite writing pieces in it! One of them is a story that goes along with my fantasy novel, and another is a play that I wrote and was performed at my school!

[ What’s some of your character’s name? ]

So far, I only have three names/characters present in The Cardinal Directions (high fantasy novel; more will be added😉):

● Heir Zora Li Kallai (working last name)

● Princess Ember Kallai

● General Veda Sharada

[ Some random line(s), out of context, of your writing: ]

Since my “chapters” are separate short stories, I thought I’d share a line from each (I wrote most of these during Camp Nanowrimo):

● “She’d always been afraid of the dark.” [ from Shadows, told from Zora Li’s perspective ]

● “They were normal paintings, yes. Originally. But I made them come alive.” [ from Beyond the Sea of Color, told from Ember’s perspective ]

● “Some people are born with tragedy in their blood.” [ from A Realist in a World of Dreamers, told from Veda’s perspective ]

● “‘Count the bodies again, Your Majesty.'” [ from A Question, told from Zora’s perspective ]

● “I listen to hear the voices, the thoughts. I listen and hear so much, yet I hear nothing at all.” [ from Listen, told from Ember’s perspective ]

● “I’ve been almost murdered thirty-five times.” [ from The Hero that was Never Meant to Be, told from Veda’s perspective ]


If you follow my bookstagram, @lyricalreads, I asked people to submit writing questions!

Joel – @fictionalfates:

[ What are you working on? ]

I’m currently working on a high fantasy novel, whose plot line has yet to be discovered! But I’m thinking that it’ll include an unexpected spy mission. I’ve loved the small moments I’ve written about my characters so far. Even though there’s not much on the pages, I’ve been slowly discovering who they are!

[ Introduce one of your fave characters! ]

Zora Li recently inherited the throne of her kingdom, as her father, the previous Heir, has died (along with his wife, Ember’s mother). As the new Heir (this kingdom hasn’t had a “true” king or queen in centuries), Zora is suddenly forced to make decisions that don’t always line up with her moral agenda. I’m still trying to get a grasp on her power (all three of them have some sort of magical power), but she does have power over the stars, which is known in one of the first stories. She’s a storyteller: she’s able to pull elements from different things in order to create something new.

[ What’s their ideal coffee order? ]

I would say Zora is more of a tea drinker. She needs just enough caffeine to get through with her duties of running a country (nbd), but I don’t think she’d want to get too attached to coffee.

Meanwhile, I’m not a coffee drinker or a tea drinker, so I don’t even know what my characters would order if they did drink coffee 😉 Oh, although, I bet Veda drinks hot chocolate because chocolate is obviously the best😏

Tracey – @sincerelybookish:

[ Which of your characters is your favorite to write? ]

I love them all, but I’ve noticed that I’ve been writing more from Zora’s perspective! Which is interesting, because I always thought that I was most similar to Ember, her younger (though not biological) sister. Zora tends to surprise me more than Ember’s perspective (though it sort of seems that Ember is hiding information from me…and that definitely doesn’t sound weird😅).

May – @bookishdreamers:

[ Each character’s Hogwarts house? ]

Funnily enough, it never crossed my mind to put my characters into a Hogwarts house…whoops. But since May asked this question, I’ve been pondering their houses!

● Zora: She has to be Gryffindor. It was the first house that popped into my head. But, she’s also possesses a fair amount of traits characteristic to Slytherin.

● Ember: I was debating about which house she’d be in. She has the compassion of a Hufflepuff, yet she’s similar to me, so I was also thinking Ravenclaw. But I think the final answer would be Hufflepuff.

● Veda: Slytherin. If you read some of the stories from her perspective, you’d see why.


I hope you guys had as much fun reading this post as I did writing it! If you have any other writing questions, don’t hesitate to comment below!



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