Loveofboooks [Sweden]

Hi readers! It’s been quite a long time since I’ve posted, but then again, September was a hectic month full of new experiences. I had to settle into a new routine, a new school, and a new living situation. So unfortunately, I missed posting for the Around the World feature for September, BUT, luckily I hadn’t lined anyone up for October, so I will highlight Emma’s (@loveofboooks) gorgeous account today! As always, I’ve asked five questions ranging from the start of one’s bookstagram to the inspiration behind the photos!

Emma has such beautiful photos, and I love seeing them in my feed!
I. When did you start bookstagram? 
I started bookstagram at the end of October, just after i had been to an Imagine Dragons concert (which was amazing by the way).
FullSizeRender 5
I love the clarity and bright colors that are signature to Emma’s bookstagram!
II. What caused you to join this amazing community?
There were three reasons as to why i started my account. First of all i used to have a fandom account, but i wasn’t very active and neither were my followers. I still wanted to have an Instagram account, but i wanted to get rid of the one i was currently in possession of. Then there was my best friend at the time. We had just moved to different schools and weren’t able to talk as much as before, and she was the one i always discussed books and series with. Without a bookish buddy i didn’t have an outlet for my inner fangirl, which was bad. The final factor that made me decide to get a bookstagram account was the arrival of “The Amazing Book is Not On Fire” by Daniel Howell and Phil Lester (better known as the youtube phenomenons danisnotonfire and amazingphil). If you’ve seen the cover you know it’s very colourful. It was autumn and the book fitted so well with the autumn leaves so i took a picture of it and just had to post it somewhere. And that was how my account started.
FullSizeRender 3
Siege & Storm seen from a new perspective😉
III. How does the landscape around you affect your photos for bookstagram?
Sweden is a very green country, with beautiful forests, sweeping hills and sparkling lakes. Most of all the changes of the seasons are so very prominent here. In the autumn you will get these colourful leaves, in the winter you get snow and so forth. This made me want to take pictures outside. I wanted the change of seasons to be visible in my feed, that you could follow the cycle of a year in my photos. And i have always lived close to nature, i grew up with a forest in my backyard. So taking photos inside never really occured to me.
FullSizeRender 4
The combination between twirling pages and nature equals this astounding photo!
IV. Where does your inspiration for photos come from?
The nature is my biggest inspiration, without contest. I see a beautiful spot, a bring a book that fits with the landscape and i take a picture. When i run out of ideas i take inspiration from other bookstagrammers and try to find new camera techniques, like bokeh photography. I also use the tags that circulates around and base the photos on them.
FullSizeRender 2
The background blur of all of Emma’s photos and the bokeh that comes with it😍😍
V. What do you most like about taking bookstagram photos outside?
V. Since i am studying at the moment, sitting in a sterile room with my nose in either a book or a laptop for days on end, it is so nice to get out, take a walk in the forest and just wind down from the stress and pressure of everyday life. It is like meditating. And the outcome of photos taken outside is also so rewarding.
Thank you to Emma for letting me interview her! She can found over at her bookstagram account: @loveofboooks
Stay tuned for November’s Around the World on the 15th!

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