Developing “Novel” Ideas

Although I have not been writing creatively as much as I used to, I have been busy with the world building and characterization side of the writing process. Three ideas (different from the original three I mentioned in another blog post) are simmering in my brain and on various pieces of paper that I have scattered around my dorm room. Especially with these stories, I have been making a conscious effort to include more of a range of characters with different ethnic backgrounds, sexualities, mental disabilities, etc. For this particular blog post, I thought I would share a little bit of my process in developing these “novel” ideas!

I. WTMA (using acronyms for now😉) – Young Adult / High Fantasy

This story has been the most complex of my ideas thus far. I’m currently in the world-building stage, and it’s been so much fun! I figured out a rough idea of a plot, but the world building is the most interesting part! The world is a combination of Irish names, Roman culture/political world, and some English stuff sprinkled in! My characters have some out-of-the-ordinary names, but I definitely want to include a pronunciation guide because, let’s be honest, did I really know how to pronounce “Aoibheann” when I first saw it?😬


II. TDTBSS – Young Adult / Contemporary / Own Voices

I think the aspect that’s unique about how TDTBSS came to be is the fact that the story is roughly based on something that happened in my life. Not directly connected, but connected enough.

When a scene suddenly blossomed in my head, and I contemplated the idea a little bit more, I realized that this story is a good mix between the tragedy of History is All You Left Me and the familial bond of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. A fun fact about my three leading ladies is that they’re all named after Jane Austen characters! And their middle names are Little Women names…do you see a trend?😄


I tend to have trouble with developing plot ideas, but I’ve realized that this story will focus mostly on the characters, so it may be a slower story, but a greater emphasis on the growth of the characters after a personal tragedy. Oh! And TDTBSS is own voices because the family featured in this story came into being through adoption, and my own family was formed through adoption (from China)! I stopped for a minute to think about stories with an adoptee as the main character, and I honestly couldn’t think of any besides Harry Potter!

III. Untitled Terracotta Warriors Novel – Young Adult / Historical Fiction / Own Voices

This idea has yet to be officially titled, but I AM SO EXCITED!! Honestly, at this point (it’s been barely a month), I don’t remember exactly how I got this idea, but I’m so glad it popped into my brain! As you’ve probably guessed, I’m a bit of a history nerd. When I was younger, I actually got to see some of the Terracotta Warriors when they were in Washington, D.C. (do I remember them? Absolutely not.), and I must’ve been thinking about that trip or something, but suddenly this idea came to me. I actually already have the last line (but my lips are sealed😏) and a potential opening scene, but I’m thinking the worlds of a daughter of Shihuangdi and a poor laborer recruited to build the emperor’s tomb (where the warriors were found) collide, and they develop a friendship filled with girl power and adventures that reach far behind the lives they were confined in. Also, I think it should be known that those working on the Terracotta Warriors were shut inside of the tomb once it was completed…☠️

surprised dog


I hope you enjoyed this blog post! If you’re a writer, comment your WIP idea!


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