Loveofboooks [Sweden]

Hi readers! It’s been quite a long time since I’ve posted, but then again, September was a hectic month full of new experiences. I had to settle into a new routine, a new school, and a new living situation. So unfortunately, I missed posting for the Around the World feature for September, BUT, luckily I hadn’t lined anyone up for October, so I will highlight Emma’s (@loveofboooks) gorgeous account today! As always, I’ve asked five questions ranging from the start of one’s bookstagram to the inspiration behind the photos! Continue reading “Loveofboooks [Sweden]”

The Bookworm of Notre Dame [Paris]

For the very first “Around the World” interview (read more about this section here), I, of course, had to ask Clara from the bookstagram, @thebookwormofnotredame! She’s an amazing person who is so inspiring and someone that everyone should talk to! I asked Clara five questions, which varied from starting her bookstagram to bookstagramming in Paris. Continue reading “The Bookworm of Notre Dame [Paris]”