Review Policy

Welcome to Lyrical Reads!

If you are an author or publisher interested in having me read and honestly review your work, please read the policy written below. Please contact me at the email address in the Contact section.

If I do review your book, I will write a 100% honest review that will appear on the blog, my Instagram (of the same name), and my Goodreads. I am also open to conducting an author interview as a follow-up to the review.

However, since my reviews will reflect my own personal opinions, I cannot guarantee that said review will be positive, although I do write these with the utmost respect.



*Disclaimer : Since I am a full time student, I will only be able to read a select number of books per month. I retain the right to refuse to read and review a book if need be, reasons including busy schedules and lack of interest.

● Formats Accepted ●

– Physical ARCS (I will be able to have reviews of ARCS up on all platforms at least one week before the official publication date)

– e-ARCS (same as above)

– e-books (formatted for Kindle)

– Physical books (both hardcover and paperback)


● Genres I Accept ●

At this moment, I am accepting Young Adult novels to be reviewed, although I may consider certain Middle Grade novels if it is of interest to me.

– Fantasy (High, Urban, retellings, etc.)

– Dystopia

– Mystery

– Contemporary

– Historical Fiction

Note: I will be more likely to review a book that is #ownvoices or diverse (especially those featuring marginalized groups).


● Genres I will not Review ●

– Poetry (I’m not much of a poetry reader)

– Horror

– Science Fiction (this may change in the future)

– Romance (not of my particular interest at the moment)



I use a 5 star rating system for all of my reviews. Decimal points (ex. 4.5 stars) might be utilized as well.

● 5 stars : I loved it!! I’ll probably recommend it to everyone I see!

● 4 stars : I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! There were probably a few things that I couldn’t really get past, but, nonetheless, I’d recommend it.

● 3 stars : I liked it! Something was holding me back from giving it a higher rating. I may recommend it, depending on the person seeking recommendations.

● 2 stars : I have yet to give two stars to a book (that I’m consciously reviewing), but probably a book that I had to drag myself through with an ending that didn’t quite redeem it for me.

● 1 stars : Yet again, I have never given a book 1 star. If I do (though I thoroughly hope I never do), I probably DNF, or the book was really not my style.


Thank you for reading, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

I look forward to working together!