The Storyteller

The Storyteller first began as the title of my upcoming writing anthology, which I am publishing very soon (*fingers crossed*). Then, this name evolved to become the overarching theme of my recent photography independent study: I was inspired to “translate” some of my favorite writing pieces into photographs.

Although the project ended up using five of my writing pieces (flash fiction and short stories), I will highlight only two (technically three) of them for this post.

“Scarred Knees” and “The Pearls” were written as separate stories, but they follow the same narrator, a girl who had been abandoned by her parents in their pursuit of their own dreams in the first story and reunited with them in the second during her eighteenth birthday. While it was not the reuniting she had expected, their reappearance showed her their true artificial nature, a nature that valued wealth and status over their own daughter.


Ever since I wrote “Grey,” it was always my favorite, even if it wasn’t the short story that won the most awards or gained the most attention. The inspiration for “Grey” is unique to my own personal style of writing (a full writing inspiration post will come later đŸ˜‰ ), as my jumping-off place was an art piece and lingering Brooklyn (the movie starring Saoirse Ronan) contemplations. It was one of my longer writings, as I usually wrote flash fiction, and took me two sittings to actually complete the story I had originally wanted to tell. “Grey” is told from the perspective of a teenaged girl who survived the Russian pogroms (Kiev, specifically) and then was sent to America by her family in order for her to begin a new life. I explored the emotional aspect of this subject, and also brought in my close connection to my own family to create a character who was forced to leave her family behind.


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